SKYISH is highly favored by foreign friends at the International Fresh Air Show

2019-06-10 11:24:18 for :skyish

With the rapid development of China's economy, the living standards of residents have improved, and the concept of health awareness and quality consumption has also been improved. Breathing fresh air has become a basic requirement for people's healthy life. As an indispensable product for solving air quality, air purification equipment and fresh air systems have increasingly won the favor of the market and consumers.


Shanghai International Air Fresh Air Show is not only a professional exhibition with industry influence in China, but also one of the world's ultra-large-scale world environmental protection expo platforms. It has a full industrial chain pattern of environmental protection industry and a strong scale effect. It is a thorough air purification and fresh air. The trade exchange platform between the upstream and downstream industry chains in the system field has attracted many well-known exhibitors from home and abroad to gather at the exhibition.


As the earliest air-conditioning service provider in the whole country, SKYISH enjoys a national reputation for cutting-edge bio-enzyme air treatment technology. Its products include commercial sites, home management, living environment, outdoor environment, interior environment, medical disinfection, industrial pollution and even maternal and child fields and so on.


International friends are attracted by SKYISH and are full of praise.

At this exhibition, SKYISH focused on indoor environmental management and industrial waste gas treatment, attracting the attention of friends from all over the world. The on-site consultation was hot, bringing more business cooperation to SKYISH and enhancing the international image, thus winning more advantages in the market competition. !