SKYISH is jointly working with Zhejiang University to create a healthy breathing air technology

2019-05-17 15:23:08 for :skyish

In 2017, SKYISH China brand owner Hangzhou Xiangwai Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang University jointly established the domestic frontier air research center “Zhejiang University – Xiangwai Environmental Health Management Research Center” with a sense of social responsibility and historical mission. In-depth cooperation in the development and promotion of healthy air to jointly promote the further development of air service standardization.

At present, the Ministry of Health and the State Environmental Protection Administration have issued the “Indoor Air Quality Standards” and other national standards for indoor air, but lack a clear definition of “healthy air”. In this context, SKYISH established a research center with Hangzhou University, and jointly promoted the development of health air related standards and norms in conjunction with research institutes such as the China National Standards Institute. 


     Dr. Zou Hongbin, co-founder of SKYISH, said: "Atmospheric environment is a valuable resource for human survival. The destruction of atmospheric environmental resources is an irreversible process. Zhejiang University - Xiangwai Environmental Health Management Research Center mainly develops biological enzymes as the core. Technical air management solutions that build and provide an excellent atmosphere for people's work and life."


The indoor air treatment solution is SKYISH's main construction solution for all areas of air management. Including commercial, industrial, home and public sectors. With the climate change and air pollution problems in recent years, coupled with the awakening of environmental awareness, more and more people began to choose governance services to improve the air environment. However, what kind of governance services can meet high standards, strict requirements, and meet the psychological expectations of customers, and truly solve problems for customers is a topic that SKYISH has been seriously exploring.

Grasping the essence of pollution can better solve the problem of air pollution

Only by truly understanding the nature of the problem can we have the opportunity to grasp the key issues. That way it is not limited to pollution from the perception of cars, factories, or coal burning. Without being limited by these, you will know what is really the problem to be solved, so that the problem can be solved most efficiently.

Zhejiang University-Xingwai Environmental Protection and Health Research Center mainly plays a central role of innovation-driven, and has become a major scientific and technological research platform for the application of biotechnology in air technology, an application technology research and development center, and a scientific and technological achievements transformation center to meet and adapt to the civil air treatment market and The market demand for industrial waste gas treatment has boosted the technological transformation of enterprises and turned to quality and efficiency development. 

The center actively carries out collaborative innovation, promotes internal, external, upstream and downstream synergy, maximizes the value of Hangzhou Xiangwai Environmental Protection Co., Ltd. in the process of sharing technical resources, and forms an open cooperation mechanism with complementary advantages, clear division of labor and shared results. Enhance the synergy of collaborative innovation across the entire industry chain. 

Accelerate the formation of innovation, lead development, lead international standards, innovation power and vitality, talents cohesion and training, aim at scientific research, focus on major strategic scientific and technological research, and determine strategic and forward-looking development goals and research and development projects. Taking the initiative in the construction of technical standards in the industry, the outstanding talents have broad room for growth.


The establishment of Zhejiang University-Xiwai Environmental Protection and Health Research Center is a major event for SKYISH to implement the concept of innovation and development, accelerate the innovation-driven strategy, and foster new development momentum. It marks a new platform for improving the technological innovation system and strengthening innovation capacity. starting point. 

It can be described as far-reaching: in terms of social development, SKYISH undertakes corporate social responsibility for air pollution control; it is the industry's first environmental health governance research center, leading the industry's technological innovation; from the perspective of enterprise attributes, meeting different user needs and achieving product iteration Upgrade to let users enjoy comfortable and healthy air!