Former German President Meets with SKYISH Chairman

2019-05-17 11:10:08 for :skyish


From April 25th to 27th, the 2nd “Belt and Road” international cooperation summit forum with the theme of “Building a Belt and Road to Create a Better Future” was held in Beijing.

The chairman of the Global SME Alliance and the tenth federal president of Germany, Christian Wulff, attended the summit and delivered a wonderful speech at the scene.




15 minutes one-on-one meeting

On the afternoon of the 27th, Mr. Wulf met with Mr. Ding Mingming, an expert in China's air management field and chairman and founder of SKYISH Group, in the Beijing CCTV column group.


As a platform for international SME exchanges, SME Alliance is particularly concerned about environmental protection, agriculture and high technology.

As a representative of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, SKYISH conducted a 15-minute one-on-one exchange with Mr. Wulf, and conducted in-depth communication on Sino-German artisan spirit, corporate brand development, air pollution control and environmental protection.

About Sino-German cooperation

"Germany is one of the Western countries with more direct investment in China. SKYISH has a deep relationship with Germany, and cooperation has been for a long time." At the scene, Ding Mingming said to Mr. Wulf. “We have always attached great importance to cooperation with all walks of life in Germany in the fields of technology, services and products. Since 2012, we have co-founded the SKYISH laboratory with many Western scientists such as Germany. Germany is the global product development center of SKYISH.”


Mr. Wulf welcomed the establishment of the SKYISH Group's global R&D center in Germany. At the same time, he introduced Ding Mingming's successful case of air pollution control in Germany, the air treatment plan of the Ruhr area in Germany.

At the same time, Mr. Wulf said: As a world manufacturing power, Sino-German has an unshirkable responsibility for safeguarding the common home of mankind. Governing air pollution is no problem now. The government is determined to have strength, plus the SKYISH Group. Private enterprises will certainly solve problems such as air pollution control.

About future development

When talking about the future development of the Sino-German brand, Mr. Wulf said: “The speed of China's development has made the world amazed. I hope that in the future, Germany and China can work very closely together and can work together to create the world. The better the product.”


Chairman Ding Mingming emphasized: As an environmental protection enterprise, product quality is always in the first place. It is necessary to deeply consider the relationship between human beings and nature, and to make a breathing plan that everyone can use. In the future, SKYISH will evolve from the logic of “governing air-reducing air-optimizing air” to more suitable products for modern people, and giving humanistic care while paying attention to the life standard.



About the craftsman spirit

Mr. Wulf said that Germany's unique brand culture "German quality" and "artisan spirit" have won the trust and respect of consumers all over the world. It shows that the "artisan spirit" displayed by SKYISH in the development process is commendable. And encourage SKYISH to continue to adhere to brand building and innovative research and development, bringing more quality products to the public.




At the scene, President Wulff received the SK-50 car intelligent full-effect air controller from SKYISH flagship product, and said that this is a particularly meaningful and practical gift.